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Summer Camps 2024

Join us for a summer of fun!
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Week 1 (July 2 to July 5) Crafty Campers:

"Welcome to Crafty Campers Camp Week, where imagination knows no bounds! Join us for a week filled with colorful creativity and hands-on fun. From painting to sculpting, jewelry-making to DIY projects, our campers will explore a world of artistic possibilities. Guided by experienced instructors, they'll unleash their inner artist, crafting unique masterpieces to treasure forever. Get ready to dive into a world of glitter, glue, and endless inspiration at Crafty Campers!

Week 2 (July 8 to July 12) Acro & Hip-Hop:

"Get ready to dance, flip, and groove at our Acro & Hip Hop Fusion Camp! Join us for an electrifying week packed with high-energy moves and breathtaking acrobatics. Campers will enter the art of acrobatic twists, and balances, and bust a move with the latest hip-hop dance trends. From flexibility bends to slick dance routines, this camp is perfect for aspiring dancers and acrobats alike. Join us for an unforgettable experience of rhythm, athleticism, and pure excitement at Acro & Hip-Hop Camp!"

Week 3 (July 15 to July 19) Splish Splash Paint:


"Dive into a world of colorful creativity at Splish Splash Paint Camp! Join us for a week of artistic adventure as we explore the wonders of painting. From vibrant watercolors to bold acrylics, campers will unleash their imagination and let their creativity flow freely. With guidance from our talented instructors, they'll learn various painting techniques and experiment with different styles. Whether they're creating their own masterpieces or capturing scenic landscapes, every brushstroke will be a splash of inspiration. Come make a splash with us and discover the joy of painting at Splish Splash Paint Camp!"

Week 4 (July 22 to July 26) Space Exploration:                         


"Blast off into a universe of discovery at Space Exploration Camp! Embark on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos as we explore the wonders of outer space. Guided by our summer astronomers and scientists, campers will embark on space missions, build model rockets, and unravel the mysteries of the universe. From studying distant galaxies to simulating life on Mars, every day will be an adventure filled with cosmic excitement and awe-inspiring discoveries. Join us as we reach for the stars and ignite the spark of curiosity at Space Exploration Camp!" 


Week 5 (July 29 to Aug 2) Broadway Bound:

"Step into the spotlight and ignite your passion for performance at Broadway Bound Musical Theatre Camp! Join us for a thrilling week of song, dance, and drama as we bring the magic of Broadway to life. Led by seasoned theatre professionals, campers will hone their singing, acting, and dancing skills while rehearsing iconic musical numbers from Broadway's most beloved shows. From show-stopping solos to electrifying ensemble routines, every moment on stage will be a chance to shine. Come take your place center stage and embark on a journey to Broadway stardom at Broadway Bound!"


Week 6 Aug 6 to Aug 9) Taylor Swift Eras:         


"Calling all Swifties! Get ready to journey through the iconic eras of Taylor Swift's music at Taylor Swift Eras Camp! Join us for a week of immersive experiences as we celebrate the evolution of Taylor's career, from her country roots to her pop anthems and beyond. From fearless storytelling to fearless fashion, campers will explore each era through themed activities, music workshops, and creative projects inspired by Taylor's lyrics and style. Whether you're a longtime fan or just discovering her music, this camp is your chance to spark joy, make memories, and shake it off with fellow Swifties. Come join the love story and  unlock the magic of Taylor Swift Eras    


Week 7 ( Aug 12 to Aug 16) Animal Kingdom       


"Embark on a wild adventure at Animal Kingdom Camp! Join us for an exciting exploration of the fascinating world of animals. From majestic lions to playful dolphins, campers will discover the wonders of the animal kingdom through educational workshops and hands-on encounters. With activities ranging from geo-finding scavenger hunts and a trip to the local petting farm, there is fun for all ages. Get ready to unleash your inner zoologist and dive into the diverse ecosystems of Animal Kingdom Camp!

Week 8 (Aug 19 to Aug 23) Around The World                                                                                                                                                                   

Pack your passport and let your creativity take flight at Around the World Camp! Join us for an exhilarating exploration of global traditions, holidays, decades and cultural expressions. Campers will immerse       themselves in hands-on workshops, storytelling sessions, and fun projects. Come embark on an adventure, where everyday tells a tale and every masterpiece celebrates the beauty of our world at Around the World Camp!”

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