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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child for classes?

To register for classes at the SPACE, please visit our website at and follow the prompts to register. If you are unsure of which classes to enrol your child in, please contact the SPACE or speak with someone in our office.

How do I choose which classes my child should enrol in?

Class placements are determined by age, level, and previous experience. If you are unsure of which classes to enrol your child in, please contact the SPACE or speak with someone in our office to discuss the classes that your child is interested in and the level in which they would be enrolled in. We are able to pre-approve students on our online registration platform which will simplify the registration process.


Can I watch my child’s dance classes?

In our current facility, parents are encouraged to watch classes through the door window which can be accessed from our entry hallway. We will be moving to a new location in the fall/winter of 2023 and we are excited to announce that in our new facility we will have viewing windows for parents to observe their child’s classes.


How are classes/levels determined for individual students?

Classes placements are determined by age, level, and previous dance experience. Currently our levels include Combo/Mini, Pre-Junior, Junior, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Senior. To find out the level that your child would be placed in, please speak with someone in our office. If your child is new to dancing, please speak with someone in our office to ensure that they are placed in an appropriate class for their age and level.


Can my child withdraw from a class if they do not wish to continue?

The withdrawal date for all of programs is October 15th, 2023. If you choose to withdraw from a class before this date, all prior payments will be refunded, except for the cost of the classes that were attended.


Why should my child take ballet?

Ballet is a foundational style of dance for all other styles. The movements that are trained in ballet build strength and technique which supports ballet dancing, but other styles as well including jazz, lyrical, hip hop, etc. The highly structured class format and environment of ballet is also essential to all dancers as it focuses on discipline, concentration, application of movement and technique, etc. This style also allows students to build self-confidence and grace while learning movement quality and the details involved in dancing. It is for these reasons that we encourage all dancers to take ballet classes.


 Will my child have other performance opportunities besides the Annual Recital?

Yes, all dancers at the SPACE including Core Program, Competitive Program, and Theatre Program will perform at our Annual Recital and the Winter Showcase. If students would like further performance opportunities, we encourage them to enrol in our Competitive Program as this program includes competitions, festivals, and conventions.


How can my child become an Assistant in dance classes?

Here at the SPACE, we have our Mentorship Program which gives interested students the opportunity to work with our faculty and other Assistants in the program to develop the knowledge and skills to become an effective teacher. The Mentorship Program is a graduated program that typically takes 5 years to complete over which time the students will move from Junior Assistant to Assistant to Mentorship Teacher. To apply for the Mentorship Program, students must be 12 years or age and are asked to apply by submitting a cover letter and resume in late winter. Selected students for the program will then begin by shadowing existing Assistants in classes throughout the spring to prepare them for their responsibilities as a Junior Assistant for the fall. Mentorship Program students will receive credit towards tuition at the SPACE and upon their first anniversary in the program, they will receive an honorarium.


What are some additional costs that I should be aware of when registering?

Most of our classes are 1 hour in length each week and will run from September to May. The tuition cost for these classes is $525.00. Along with the tuition cost, each family will pay a $150.00 Registration Fee which includes an annual SPACE membership, associated discounts for events and other programs offered at the SPACE, 2 tickets to the Springfield Theatre Company production, and 2 tickets to the one of the concert series (Rory Gardener or Buzz Brazz). A $100.00 Costume Deposit will also be charged for each class in which a costume will be ordered for the performance   Families will also be responsible for the purchase of shoes, tights, necessary class apparel, etc. which will be at an additional cost. Finally, here at the SPACE, each member is required to meet our Volunteer commitment. There are two options as to how this can be done with the first being that a member of the family will select and fulfil two volunteer duties.  If you wish to opt out of volunteering, we act for a donation of $150.00. The fee will be added and paid through your account in Studio Director and a donation receipt will be issued. Please see our website or speak with someone in our office for more information on pricing, additional costs, and payment methods and plans.


Can my child take dance exams through the SPACE?

Yes, we do offer preparation classes and the opportunity to participate in both tap and ballet exams. It is decided each year whether the SPACE will train students for either tap or ballet exams based on the number of students interested. Please inform your child’s teacher or someone in the office if your child is interested in doing tap or ballet exams.

How does the Competitive Program work?

Our new Competitive Program will be working alongside our Core Program classes. Students that are interested in being part of our Competitive Program will need to meet the program requirements and criteria listed below. Within the Competitive Program, students will be given the opportunity to perform at additional competitions and take part in conventions, etc. Students ages 10 and up that are enrolled in the program will also take part in an Audition Day in which they will have the opportunity to audition for solos, duos, and trios. The Audition Day will be taking place August 26th, 2020. For more information on the Audition Day, please contact the office or see the Competitive Program handbook. Once Competitive Program pieces have been selected, students will be scheduled into weekly Competitive Classes in which they will attend weekly as they would with their Core Program classes. These classes will be an hour and a half and will focus primarily on choreography, mastery of skills and steps, and performance preparation. Please contact the office if you have any further questions regarding the Competitive Program.


Competitive Program for ages 6-9

*minimum 3 hours per week


Class #1 – Ballet

Class #2 – Core Class of Choice

Class #3 – Competitive Class

  • *Discipline of Competitive Class dances will be chosen at the discretion of the teacher and may not reflect dancer’s Core Classes


Competitive Program for ages 10+

*minimum 7 hours per week


Class #1 – Ballet

Class #2 – Core Class of Choice

Class #3 – Core Class of Choice

Class #4 – Competition Class (1.5 hours)

Class #5 – Competition Class (1.5 hours)

  • *Discipline of Competitive Class dances will be chosen at the discretion of the teacher and may not reflect dancer’s Core Classes

Class #6 – Dance Fit


How is the SPACE a Not For Profit Organisation?

 The SPACE is a CRA registered not-for profit Charitable organisation that brings the world of the arts to the rural community of Springfield, Manitoba and surrounding area through a variety of art classes including many styles of dance, theatre, visual, literary, music and much more.


Why does the SPACE have a Volunteer requirement?

 The SPACE is fuelled by dedicated volunteers under the artistic vision of Executive Director Tayler Fey. Many of the SPACE's teachers are mature students who have gone through the Mentorship Program. Our volunteer Board of Directors and efficient office staff oversee matters of governance and implementation. Together, our mission is to bring arts opportunities to residents living in rural areas that would never have them otherwise.

 Volunteering has been integral to the personality of the SPACE. Volunteering gives opportunity for families to get to know each other while working for the benefit of their children and the community.


When can my child/children audition for the Springfield Theatre Company?

 At the age of 8, children are eligible to audition for our Springfield Theatre Company. Auditions are typically held in the spring of each year.


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